Criminal law

Dyankova & Stojchevska – law firm offers the following services in the field of criminal law

Full legal assistance and assistance from the very beginning of the criminal process, pre-trial proceedings, legal representation in the court phase. Defense in the pre-trial and judicial phase of criminal proceedings, remand measures and procedural coercion.

Regardless of whether you are accused or a victim of a crime, we thoroughly and thoroughly analyze the evidence and coordinate the line of defense or accusations with you, giving you the opportunity to receive professional protection of your guaranteed rights and interests.

Incorporation as a civil plaintiff and private prosecutor

Over time, the lawyers working in the firm have accumulated extensive professional experience as defenders of defendants and trustees of private prosecutors and civil plaintiffs in crimes involving almost all sections of the Criminal Code, and in particular:

  • crimes against the person
  • crimes against property – theft, robbery, embezzlement, fraud,
  • general economic crimes,
  • crimes against creditors,
  • crimes against the
  • monetary and credit system,
  • crimes against the
  • financial, tax and
  • insurance system,
  • crimes in office, crimes
  • against justice, bribery,
  • documentary crimes,
  • crimes against public
  • order and peace