Legal services for start-ups

To to have the best opportunity to succeed you’ll need specific legal services for start-ups

A startup lawyer is an essential partner to a new business, making sure you’re in compliance with applicable legal business/industry requirements and preventing legal problems that could hurt your business down the line. The important thing is to find someone who meshes well with your business and understands the needs of your industry. Here’s how to find a great startup lawyer who can support you and your business in those crucial first years. Our team of startup lawyers specialise in startup business investments and investments in early stage companies.

We are pragmatic, will take action quickly and we are well used to solving (and not creating) problems. As well as advising on funding, we can also help during these uncertain times to coordinate responses to wider pressing questions on commercials or employment. Starting a new business can be both an exciting and challenging prospect. You may have a great service or product on offer, but thinking about the legal details can be complicated and overwhelming. You don’t want to make any mistakes and the pitfalls particularly at this stage Therefore, it is crucial to get the right startup advice as early in the process as you can. We ensure your startup launches on a solid footing by advising on agreements with co-founders.


Structuring ownership of your business

We’ll provide guidance on when (or whether) to incorporate, what kind of ownership structure suits you best, and who to put onto your board of directors. We can help you by incorporating your company or registering your limited liability partnership at Commercial  Registry , drafting a tailor-made Articles of Association or partnership agreement, and preparing other necessary documents such as shareholders’ agreements.

Our start-up lawyers can help you understand how shareholdings work, the difference between your preference and your non-voting shares, and help you unpick the mysteries of complex issues like share buyback and classes of shares.

We ensure your startup launches on a solid footing by advising on agreements with co-founders.

Merger and acquisition, due diligence

The process of due diligence is an extensive investigation process that provides a purchaser or investor with an opportunity to obtain as much information as possible about the business of the company he intends to acquire or invest in.​

Our due diligence team conducts careful scrutiny of corporate documentation, statutory records and compliances, information related to subsidiaries, promoters, director, management, share and shareholder information, litigation and show cause notice, related party transaction, corporate governance, financing including loans, security created over assets and guarantees, intellectual property rights, comercial contracts, insurance, movable and immovable assets, human resource and permits, licenses and approvals etc. to ensure compliance with a number of laws and regulations

 Intellectual property strategy

We can help you understand who owns your business’s property and Intellectual property, so you avoid issues in funding and distracting squabbles. Think about that piece of software that was developed by a freelancer, the pop-up gallery you hold on a short lease, or the customer list. Complications or disputes around intellectual property in things like software, trademarks or data can be damaging and disruptive, but using our specialist intellectual property lawyers can help you sort problem out cleanly before it becomes a case.

Legal services for start-ups