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In Dyankova & Stoicevska Law firm we understand how important it is for organizations to be legally sound. The clarity and peace of mind it brings allows everyone on your team to put their full focus where it really belongs—on sport. Our lawyers have over 30 years of extensive knowledge and experience within the European sport law. We’re not just legal experts; we’re sport experts, too.

Our Services

  • Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management: Our lawyers specializes in resolving disputes efficiently and effectively, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Representation in Compensation Cases: Dyankova & Stoicevska Law firm represent clients before international federations and the Sports Arbitral Court (CAS) in Lausanne in procedures for compensation related to sports injuries.
  • Sports Injuries – Specializing in sports injuries, we work with a team of forensic doctors. Our lawyers can accurately assess the injury you have suffered and help you obtain fair compensation for it.
  • Review and Prepare Contracts: Our lawyers provide comprehensive contract review and drafting services tailored to the unique needs of the sports industry.
  • Representation: Our lawyers represent sportsmen, coaches, trainers, agents, federations, and associations before Bulgarian and international courts, as well as various arbitration bodies including the Sports Arbitral Court (CAS) in Lausanne.
  • Partnerships: We offer strategic legal advice and assistance in forming partnerships and collaborations within the sports industry.
  • Privacy Issues: Our lawyers provide guidance on privacy issues relevant to the sports sector, ensuring compliance with regulations and protecting sensitive information.
  • Legal Opinions: We offer clear and informed legal opinions on a wide range of sports law matters to guide decision-making processes.
  • Draft Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures: Our lawyers assist organizations in developing and implementing bylaws, policies, and procedures to ensure compliance and mitigate legal risks.
  • Workplace Investigations: Our team conducts thorough investigations into workplace harassment and other misconduct allegations, maintaining confidentiality and fairness throughout the process.
  • Football Mediation: Our lawyers have extensive experience in football mediation, facilitating smooth transfers of football players among European giants.